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The Light Collective

The light collective presets


Rays of light breaking through a sea of clouds, wind-swept peaks stretched out to the horizon. A far-flung constellation of valleys laced together by endless forests and mountains. An assemblage of ascents and descents whose collective identity transcends the singular essence of each. This is our quest, our soul. A growing collective of handcrafted high quality  Lightroom Presets and other Post-production tools made available to you. Welcome to the Light Collective.

As Artists and photographers, we were all raised by the light. In moments of awe at a golden sky or the warmth of the sun touching our skin, we grew a deep bond with our craft and decided to dig deeper into an understanding of light, shade and luminosity on every surface that they touched. Now our eyes are drawn to the slender thread of light stitched across the trees of a forest, in the seam of gold flung over the rim of a darkening valley, in the warm light touching the mountain peaks of our home. Our collective is diverse but we share a singular passion: We’re here to see and share the light. Together, we illuminate.


The work flowing through the Light Collective should help all of us to keep growing as artists. It gives us the opportunity to help each other, and it reminds us that, belong together in sharing the same passion. In seeing the light. In being photographers. The light we shed from within breathes new life into neighboring photographers. Welcome to The Light Collective, a real community to support, photographer education, and post-production tools.


Every Preset is handcrafted and fine-tuned with passion.

Earthy tones

Earthy, warm tones ranging from teal and blue in the shadows towards red and orange in the highlights with subdued greens and yellows. Perfect for portraits and landscape shots

The Light Collective Presets

Soft highlights and opened shadows, combined with a subtle and warm color palette for a timeless look


Each preset pack features a variety of different presets  to fit every situation you are capturing. Every pack comes with a detailed description on how to fine-tune each preset do various situations

We Care

Alpenblendwerk proudly donates a portion of the profits from the Light Collective Preset Packs to hand-selected nonprofits that to preserve our nature. To learn more about why and how we give back, visit the WE Care PAGE.



South Iceland Coast

The Grey Bird Pack


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